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Sam’s Kabab Gyro (Antioch, TN)

June 25, 2010

I love stumbling into something really good, make that really delicious. Sam’s Kabab Gyro, located at 2500 Murfreesboro Pike, is one of these finds. I usually try new places to eat at the suggestion of others or I hear about them through fellow foodies, but this place I found on my own. I like to think it was my foodie destiny steering me into the eatery I had passed by hundreds of times. One day I finally decided to try them out. I really enjoy gyros, but it seems to be quite rare I come across one that is so tasty it knocks all others out of the ballpark. Hello Sam’s!

Sam's Kabab Gyro

So, how’s it taste?

Look. At. That. Gyro. Just overflowing with goodness. Stingy is not in their vocabulary. I had to put this puppy on a plate and use a fork and knife to eat it. This is the first time I’ve had a gyro where they stuff the pita instead of just wrapping it around the ingredients. And oh my, the ingredients. I wasn’t prepared for all the options. Olives, mushrooms, tabbouleh, feta, onions, tomatoes, and the list goes on. This was also my first time having tabbouleh and I am hooked. I didn’t even know what I was eating, but it made the gyro. (The primary ingredients are finely chopped parsley, bulgur, mint, tomato, and spring onion.) The meat was cooked to perfection and had such a nice flavor. It was so good, I went there the very next night for dinner and ordered the same thing. Great food mixed with some of the nicest people cooking it makes for one heck of a meal. If you’re a gyro fan, make sure to pay Sam’s a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

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