Here are some questions I’ve been asked through the years. If you have a question that’s not answered here, feel free to ask in an email.


Why and when did you start blogging?

It started by chance really. I was sitting on my couch bored one day in August 2009 and thought “What’s with all this blogging?” I knew I could talk on end about food and created this blog as So, How’s It Taste. In late 2020, I changed the name to Leah Claire to be able to blog about more than food.

Is this what you do for a living?

No, I wish! This blog is a fun way for me to share life. My real job is in website management for a financial company.


Can I use a recipe from your blog?

Absolutely! I started this blog to share my adventures in the kitchen and tell you “so, how’s it taste?” I do ask that you give proper credit and link back to the post here on my blog. Learn more about proper recipe attribution on Food Blog Alliance.

Can I use a photo from your blog?

Generally, no. I prefer you use your own photo if you make a recipe from this blog to post on your blog. All work on Leah Claire is under copyright and should never be used without permission. However, in some cases I will allow the photo on its own but, I do require that you contact me and receive permission before using one of my photos. If you have a specific photo you’d like to use, just ask me in an email and thanks for doing so!

I made one of the recipes from your blog and it didn’t turn out. What went wrong?

It’s difficult for me to assist you with “what went wrong” since I’m not in the kitchen with you. Do your best to follow the recipe and learn from your efforts in the kitchen. While I try to be very clear in my posts and the recipe directions, results can vary depending on your specific kitchen equipment. I’ll tell you in the post if I had difficulty with any parts of the recipe.

Can I get the nutrition information on a particular dish?

If I have the nutrition information available, I’ll post it in the recipe area. If you don’t see it, I don’t have it. You can calculate your own nutrition information using many tools available online. I do not convert any nutrition information into Weight Watchers points.

Can I substitute an ingredient?

I recommend following the recipe, but you are certainly welcome to try your own substitutions. Please understand in doing so, the recipe may not turn out the same. If I’ve used a different ingredient, I’ll tell you how it worked out in the post.

Can I freeze this recipe?

I don’t freeze every recipe I make, so I can’t answer this question. If I’ve frozen a dish, I’ll tell you in the post.


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