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Ginger Cider Bourbon

November 21, 2012

Tomorrow’s the big day! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Let me introduce you to Ginger Cider Bourbon in case you need a boost! This is a great Fall tasty beverage and super easy to make. You can make a huge batch or single servings depending on your needs. Garnish with an apple wedge and you’re ready for the holidays!

Ginger Cider Bourbon

So, how’s it taste?

It’s odd, but I don’t like apple cider, I like the flavor. Which makes zero sense. I won’t drink a glass of it, but I’ll turn them into cupcakes and they’re the best I’ve ever had! I love hot apple cider if it’s smothered in caramel. So maybe I just don’t like it by itself, but with other flavors. I think that’s why this drink works. I love ginger ale and I love bourbon. Both of those go so well with the cider. I swear there’s almost a deep caramel aftertaste because of the sweet from the bourbon. I will warn you that this drink is rich. I enjoyed slowly sipping on mine, but one was enough. It’s not super sweet, and that would depend on your brand of bourbon too, but it’s sweeter than what I like in a cocktail. I think playing with the ratios would suit me better too. When I try this again, I think I’ll up the ginger ale a bit and lower the cider. Of course, upping the bourbon wouldn’t hurt either. 😉

Ginger Cider Bourbon


2 parts ginger ale
2 parts apple cider
1 part bourbon


1. Mix all ingredients and serve over ice. Garnish with an apple slice, if desired.

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  • Chloe Moon November 26, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    Cider & Bourbon? I’m sold…sounds yummy!!